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Euroclear Bank, the pulse of the financial world.


Once shares and bonds are traded, the securities and cash need to be exchanged. That’s where Euroclear Bank comes in to ‘settle’ the trades. Our people ensure that large amounts of money and securities are safely exchanged between buyers and sellers from all parts of the globe. It’s a demanding job, but it provides enormous personal satisfaction for having such a key impact on the financial world. Moreover, you can work in a very flexible environment that is full of learning opportunities. We offer a truly vibrant and international atmosphere.




Euroclear Bank has come to Poland: Become part of a company with worldwide impact.

Are you ready to enter the world of finance? Then, this is the right time to join our company! In the next couple of years we plan to hire about 500 students, graduates and experienced professionals who will have the chance to align career development with the growth of our Branch in Krakow. Discover what we do and how you can fit into our team.
Euroclear Bank in Poland is going for growth.

With an office in Krakow, Euroclear Bank is looking forward with great expectations. Our growth will go hand in hand with your personal growth. A broad set of business disciplines and challenges, as well as client interaction opportunities will be managed from our new office, enabling you to continuously learn new skills and grow across the company.

Euroclear Bank’s culture evolves around coaching, training and career progression. This means that your personal development will never come to a standstill. In fact, we promote continuous improvement in an open, but structured environment. All of this is supplemented with rewards and benefits in line with your talents and responsibilities.
Make sure you’re part of it.



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