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A Ty jakie masz plany
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Zdobądź doświadczenie w prestiżowych konkursach dla studentów organizowanych przez EY.
Chcę się sprawdzić w wyzwaniu
na styku prawa i ekonomii.
Chcę wejść do świata wielkich transakcji.
KarierawFinansach.pl jest patronem medialnym obu konkursów.
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IBM BTO Business Consulting Services
Data aktualizacji: 2017-10-04
Kraków, małopolskie
Księgowość, BPO/SSC
Data aktualizacji: 2017-10-04 Aplikuj
IBM BTO Business Consulting Services
Operations Manager

IBM BTO BCS in Cracow is one of the leading international companies providing business process support services. In our center we are providing accounting and financial services to foreign customers in three core processes: Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger.


Operations Manager

Work location: Poland, Cracow, Armii Krajowej 18

Position description:

Payroll Operations Manager manages two teams of Payroll Analysts, performing payroll activities for APAC region. Direct reports include two Team Leaders, each leading a 5-6 person team.


The POM role is designed to manage the entirety of Core Payroll Operations for the in-scope geographies where the ultimate purpose is to pay salaries on time and accurately to employees to the defined service levels and deadlines. Also to support employees queries related to payroll. To achieve this POM will be required to liaise and collaborate with various stakeholders and be the prime focal point for APAC payroll team operations management.


On top of seamless operations the Payroll Operations Manager is expected to play a key role in Project Intakes Team collaborating in process improvement and process standardization opportunities ideas generation, project sizing and implementation. 


Scope of responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain efficient and productive working relationship with client Payroll Operations management and other stakeholders vital for seamless payroll delivery
  • Prepare and give status of payroll operations on request and periodically through pre-defined governance process
  • Oversee execution of payroll cycle - evaluate impact of identified payroll process issues, bring them to client attention on time
  • Ensure that ad-hoc and infrequent payroll tasks are initiated and completed always on time
  • Monitor SL/KM attainment (intra-month wherever applicable) and initiate corrective action immediately if required
  • Work on Root Cause Analysis in case of error or omission, ensure completion of containment and corrective actions.
  • Ensure high control posture of operations team
  • Ensure process adherence by the operations team
  • Promote the use of and support the creation of rich, usable and up-to-date process documentation
  • Promote process change ideas from the team, provide initial evaluation and channel them through defined change management  model
  • Suggest and advocate for process improvement and standardisation ideas
  • Collaborate within project team; offer subject matter support, consultative guidance on the project impact on operations; support by making operations teams resource available for the projects
  • Ensure team size and structure is adequate, scalable, robust and resilient deliver seamlessly and to absorb and accommodate additional projects, momentary workload increases and unexpected absences as well as team attrition
  • Initiate discussion on additional staffing and take administrative action to staff the team on time
  • Ensure timely and comprehensive communication through regular team and 1:1 meeting; drive good team spirit
  • Lead and motivate team by committing time to team development through coaching and mentoring
  • Review new joiner onboarding programme and suggest changes as required; conduct new joiner onboarding
  • Establish structure to effectively support all people management and admin tasks including but not limited to: labour claim, holidays, training and development, team goals and appraisal, compensation etc.
  • be the stand-in for Payroll Global Operations Manager (GOM)

Requirements- background and experience; skills and competencies:

  • Background: business, preferably finance and accounting
  • At least 5 years experience in payroll or finance operations; CPP certification would be an asset
  • At least 3 years experience in people management
  • Experienced in driving groups to work in a service oriented customer focused environment
  • Demonstrated exceptional interpersonal, communication and influencing skills
  • Able to synthesize, prioritize and drive results with a high sense of urgency
  • Fast learner - expected to comprehend large amount of highly variable data and process details
  • Excellent analytical skills - ability to process large amount of data from miscellaneous sources to support well informed decision
  • Ability to view process holistically to support strategic idea generation as well as process standardization efforts
  • Able to generate process improvement ideas; proven record of process improvements preferably in payroll area 
  • Outstanding work organization, prioritisation and ability to work under high time pressure to deliver to tight deadlines
  • Fluent command of English
  • Fluent command of Excel
  • Familiarity with globally implemented systems and applications supporting payroll processes
  • Readiness to work flexible hours to support geos in the different times zones


How to apply:

If you are interested, please send your CV via Apply button below.


IBM BTO reserves the right to contact selected candidates